What Does It Take To Get You To Stop And Think?….

Think outside the box sometimes ~ it’s good for you!

Taking some time out to get a much needed hair cut (or so I thought..) I was winding my way through the traffic and finding that sought after parking space. I get organised and start to wander down to the bank to put in a cheque that has been lying about the house for a few weeks (who uses cheques these days?) ~ I do the deed and walk (unintentionally) out the bank without withdrawing the much needed cash for my said haircut…. I pass a young man on the way out who is sitting on the pavement huddled in tight to keep warm… I walk to the end of the high street thinking about the young man I saw sitting on the ground outside the bank, his little woolly hat sitting on the ground in front of him….. my thoughts were lead to think why is such a young man living is such dire conditions….. I reached the cafe where I was about to sit and have a lovely coffee just before hitting the hairdressers…. I paid my £2.45 and was told to take a seat and they would bring the coffee over… I sat down and waited patiently, checking the usual Instagram, Twitter and Facebook notifications — working in Social Media you really never switch off! The well needed coffee turns up, I thought it was a sample taster!… the cup was so small… guess I am spoiled by the usual Starbucks caramel macchiato, I looked at my cup with thoughts of “oh my how small this is”… well similar thoughts anyway! My thoughts soon turned back to the young man sitting on the ground and I found myself suddenly feeling guilty, here am I sitting in this warm cosy cafe having a, small, yet warm and tasty cup of coffee and he was sitting in the cold probably wondering where his next meal was coming from….. then the penny dropped that I had walked passed the cash machine without withdrawing my money. Pondering with my thoughts for a while longer, I finish my coffee and start to walk back to the bank…… on the way back I had decided that if that young man was still there I was going to give him the change that I had in my purse! I got to the bank and there he was, still sitting, head down and looking totally freezing…. I walked up-to the young man, quietly and gently I placed my change into his hat, I thought he was asleep…. suddenly this face looked up at me…. this was no young boy, it was an old man, dressed in a young persons clothes, hoody etc… he looked right into my eyes and said with a huge smile on his face “Thank you darlin, God Bless you…” I felt so inadequate right at that moment ….. all I had given him was a few pounds and yet you would think I had given him so much…. his face and graciousness stayed with me and made me really think about things…. we take so much for granted and really don’t think about things enough. Here am I and the biggest stress of the day is “have I done enough Tweeting today for my clients?…. hmmmmm what is wrong with this equation? Suddenly everything seemed so unimportant — I know it is not — but still, that feeling of “what is it all about” haunted me for some time. I mean who really cares that it is #WineWednesday or that David Beckham is trending on Twitter etc… get my drift? Is it just me or do you ever feel that way?….. It is, as if something changed at that moment, the realisation of something just hit me….. I have the urge to go see the man again to make sure he is ok…. I don’t know what I could do but it feels almost like “I just need to know he is ok”…. I know there are some people who will think I am bonkers, but I can’t be alone with my way of thinking surely!

By choice or not it must be a lonely existence!

Have you ever had a similar experience? I would love to hear it…you can contact me via email gwen@ragsocial.co.uk

Hope you all have a great day and spare a thought for people less fortunate than yourself.

Gwen xx

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