Many Factors besides Age Effect the Skin

Most skin care product lines offer some type of anti-aging cream to combat the appearance of wrinkles. Some use hydration to plump up the skin and make fine lines less noticeable. Others actually contain collagen and vitamins to create the same effect. Those products may achieve results, but do not address any other factors that make the skin appear old, dry, and dull.


While a wrinkle cream is ideal once wrinkles have appeared, the product lines are incomplete. There are some factors that contribute to wrinkles, dark circles, blemishes, and dryness that have nothing to do with the aging process. A complete line of skin care products addresses all the issues and conditions that cause the skin to look old and dull. It is essential to find products that are formulated using science, technology, and proven ingredients to take of all skin care needs.

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A private aesthetics company, with a foundation in biotechnology, has created a patented technology that repairs, nourishes, and protects skin from all damaging factors. Pollution, sun, lack of nutrition and exercise, stress, smoking or drinking, and lack of sleep are far more destructive to the skin than the natural aging process. A key element of the line is a bio complete serum that is fir nighttime use a d contains sustained released retinoids. The lightweight formula firms the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles from all sources.

Research and Development

The company, Sente Labs, focuses on continuing research to develop products that are healthy and effective. Researchers collaborate with scientists and dermatologists from around the world to use the latest discoveries and recommendations in an effort to make powerful akin care products that will not irritate the skin. So often, products that are effective can also be harsh on sensitive skin. In those cases, people are trading wrinkles for areas of redness, which defeats the purpose of smooth and healthy skin.

Where to Purchase

These specific products are only available at medical spas, dermatologist or physician office, and select medical clinics. Customers can use this link to find a list of authorized sellers. The vast majority of products that actually work are subject to imitation, knock-offs, and misrepresentation. The website,, also provides a list of over one-hundred entities that have no relationship to the company, but claim to be selling authentic products. These products are not sourced from Sente and could be diluted, expired, or fraudulently mislabeled.

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A face moisturizer helps to hydrate the skin so that the lines and wrinkles are less noticeable. Dry skin loses elasticity, and this causes the lines to become

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