testee cards: The Social Media Game Changer

This article is originally posted on our official testee.me blog. I posted this on LinkedIn to inform my friends on my network to know what is the latest product that I founded.

If you’re wondering what a testee card is, all you have to do is download the new and trendy app, testee.me and see for yourself!

What is testee.me and the testee card?

testee.me is a mobile app that allows users create testimonial or greeting cards using beautifully designed templates and send it to their friends. These greeting cards are called testee cards.

The testee card can be described as a digital token of good vibes and positivity. Its purpose is to serve as a template for your words of appreciation and admiration.

You can choose from a variety of templates with different themes. There are dozens to choose from and even ones that are specifically designed for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and more.

When you’re done picking a template, you can write a heartfelt message of up to 140 characters. You can write anything you want, as long as it can make your friend smile. Or cry, but only with tears of joy.

What’s so awesome about the testee card?

It used to be easy to tell a friend how much you admire them because of Friendster’s testimonial interface. You could enumerate all their good points and everyone could see it on their wall.

What testee.me aims to do with the testee card is simple: Bring back the testimonials.

Instead of posting an Instagram photo or a Facebook Wall post that’ll get lost in the crowded timelines, testee.me offers you the possibility of storing these cards for future perusals.

You can look at your testee card collection any time you need a pick-me-up or if you just want to reminisce about the occasions when your loved ones sent you a bunch of greetings.

The testee card can be saved on your phone or in the app itself. You can send it to your friends via Facebook, Viber, Instagram and other social media apps.

You can even request a testee card from your friend, just like the good old days in Friendster. The difference is that you don’t have to ask your friend in person or through personal messages.

The different designs are perfect for any occasion. A majority of those are unisex, so you can use every template for all of your friends.

The testee card is also great for posting on apps like Instagram. The card is specifically tailored for the square-shaped interface of the app. No need to crop or hide any unsightly borders. Just share it and you’re good to go.

When can I use the testee card?

The testee card can be used for almost any occasion that calls for a few inspirational words from your friends, family and colleagues.

You can send it to any of your friends to make their day. It doesn’t have to be a special day either.

Here are some template themes you can find on testee.me:

  • Birthdays Templates. Make a friend feel special on their special day by sending them a birthday-themed testee card.
  • Graduations Templates. Aside from their awesome academic achievement, show the graduates some love with a graduation-themed testee card.
  • Anniversaries Templates. The anniversary testee cards can showcase two photos for the lovely couples you’re sending them to.
  • Valentine’s Templates. Send a heart-themed testee to your partner or crush and watch the sparks fly.

How do I send a testee card?

First, download the app on Google Play and App Store.

Create an account or log in with Facebook.

Add your friends.

Choose one to send a card to.

Choose from the dozens of templates.

Add your message.

Send it to them on testee.me or Facebook, Instagram, Viber and other apps.

Request a testee card from your friends!


Make a friend feel awesome. Send them testimonial cards by testee.me today!

testee.me is a mobile app that allows users create testimonial or greeting cards using beautifully designed templates and send it to their friends. Available on Google Play and App Store.

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