I Paid Off My Student Loans and I Feel Nothing
Justin Cox 🍩

I felt very defeated by aggressively paying off my student loans, and not seeing anything for it. So, I made a spreadsheet that included the amount of EACH of my (10+) student loans, their interest rates, and the values at various dates. I would update it whenever I felt defeated, and see that more and more of my money was paying off the principal. Even if I still had the loans, I could go back 12 months and see how far I’d come. I even color coded it to feel better.

It sounds stupid, but that damn spreadsheet kept me honest and gave me a little *yesssss, killin’ it!* feeling every time I made a payment. When I was finally done, I entered my final entry of zero and have never felt more proud of myself.

Now, I do the same thing every couple of months with savings, except I calculate how close I am to X goal. The goal posts move, but fooling myself works all the same.

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