Before COVID-19 I truly thought I understood the full meaning of the phrase “I don’t feel like cooking.” Friends, I was wrong.

Steaming pots in a black and white.
Steaming pots in a black and white.
Image credit: gargantiopa.

Tactics to sustain change-makers in overwhelming times

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Trading attendance at your event for volunteer work can be a huge win-win for all—if you do it right

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Blue Background with text: Any response to Bill Maher’s yammering about fat-shaming that isn’t “Fat-shaming is wrong, full stop. Fat people have a right to exist without shame, stigma, bullying, or oppression, period — no exceptions” is still oppressive to fat people. Ragen Chastain

Setting a world record takes skill and effort. Getting your record officially certified by Guinness takes planning. Here’s how to make sure your achievement makes it in the record books.

Farhaan Shoaib, 12, sets a Guinness World Record for “Most bounces of a soap bubble on a soap film” — 113 bounces — as an adjudicator from Guinness World Records counts. Photo by Allan Dutch taken at the World Bubble Festival in Caernarfon, North Wales.

When medicine is big business, we have to become the CEO of our own bodies

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How to enjoy the gym with confidence—and make it a better place for everyone

Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst

The real data behind weight loss research points to a radically different approach to healthy living

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How to complete a marathon regardless of your size or speed

Nearing the finish line!

Ragen Chastain

Speaker, writer, Certified Health Coach, marathoner, fathlete. Thought leader in body image, Health at Every Size, & corporate wellness

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