Kara Swisher — Domino Sugar Factory

Everything Kara Walker did with this exhibit fits to the point — the space, installations, social narrative…Worth the visit.

…And, a final opportunity to see the massive Domino Factory before Two Trees and SHoP Architects work their magic re-developing the site.

A video of the exhibit:

Creative Time Presents Kara Walker from Creative Time on Vimeo.


A Subtlety, a large-scale public project by Kara Walker
To see more photos from Kara Walker’s A Subtlety, explore the Domino Sugar Factory location page and browse the #karawalkerdomino hashtag.
On May 10, non-profit arts organization Creative Time (@creativetimenyc) unveiled a large-scale public project made of bleached sugar by artist Kara Walker in the Domino Sugar Refinery in Brooklyn.
“At Creative Time, we support artists in realizing their dream projects, projects that take on the big issues of our time and place,” Anne Pasternak (@annepasternak), the artistic director, says. “Kara Walker’s A Subtlety does just that, using the history of sugar as an opportunity to explore race, labor, sexuality, power, gender and so much more.”
Though once the largest sugar refinery in the world, the Domino Sugar Refinery will soon be torn down. “Brooklyn’s Domino Sugar Refinery is a place that drips with American history,” Walker says. “The site smells of a deep funk of molasses and time. The sugar warehouse that houses this ‘New World’ sphinx stands as a cathedral to industry, to taste, and to the sugar and slave trade.”
A Subtlety will remain on display at the Domino Sugar Factory through July 6.

Source: instagram