White Elephants

The World Cup is a few weeks away…

Brazil has spent billions of dollars building 12 new stadiums, many of which will become “white elephants” — mega-complexes that promise future fortunes but in reality are costly, ceremonial complexes.

The white elephant population grows with each Olympics and World Cup. The city leaders who had high hopes for the sustainability of the venues failed to realized them because their strategy was “hope” rather than a thoughtful plan.

The cycle repeats over and over from Athens and Beijing to Sochi and South Africa.

To curb the white elephant population, the economics of the Olympics and FIFA organizations must change to start. Then, innovation in infrastructure development and temporary facilities similar to the floating offshore stadium concept.

More on Brazil’s white elephant cities and why some cities should avoid hosting the Olympics.

Also a video episode from HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel episode on Brazil’s White Elephants.

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Originally published at raghavsapra.com.