Inevitable Life

This was an incident that happened yesterday dated 17–06–2015. I was in a happy mood talking to my fiance late in the evening around 0930 until my mom came and silently said that our neighbor who lives above our flat struck with a heart attack!! He is a gentleman living lavishly his retirement life after he got his two sons and three daughters married and finding happiness in the chuckles of his grandchildren. Gentleman who smiles at everyone he passes by and a well wisher by heart. Rushed upstairs and surprisingly found the man on the floor with his head rested in his wife’s lap and another family member rubbing his hands, legs and chest. I went steaming to see our pal is struggling to breath and these folks didn’t even make an attempt to take him to the hospital which is just 2 min away from home. Guess what, they were waiting for the ambulance. Yelled at them and took help from three more to carry our pal down into an auto and rushed him to the hospital. He was in arms struggling to breathe and I once thought and cursed myself for not being a medicine student nor being an acquaintance to any first aid activities.

Soon we took him to the emergency ward, the duty doctor said the condition is critical and need to shift him to another big hospital as the cardiologist left this hospital just 10 min ago. What!!! What did I just say… Yes. Need to shift him Immediately to another hospital… Here comes the most disgusting situation in our country where a pizza is delivered faster than an ambulance reaching to rescue. There is no ambulance in the hospital nor there was a 108nearby. I rushed back home immediately pulled my car out while the duty doc is giving our pal some first aid treatment to withhold his breathe for a while. Here comes my presence of mind to reach another r hospital which is appx 30min away. Boarded our pal in my car with his two sons… One in the front and the other behind… Switched on the panic lights and pulled up the gears while I hit the turbo simultaneously…. Didn’t worry about the other vehicles but yes… Yes…. Yesssssssss…. You got it right…. Many of our fellows wouldn’t know why and when panic lights will be on for a vehicle and why will someone has to honk continuously and was ripping the roads…. We are soo ignorant that we just get our licenses through a broker irrespective of our civic sense.

Quarter distance away from the hospital I can’t hear our pal gr-umping behind… Pulled down the gear and rushed into the hospital… Emergency…. Help…. Stretcher…. Cardiologist…. Doctor…. Help…… First observation by the doctor in emergency ward… No pulse and no heat beat…!!!!!!!!!!!! Waited outside until the last tries were performed…. CPR AND DEFIB…..

15 min later doctor says…. We are late…. He can’t be reached…. I asked his son for how long he was in the house running his father’s hand and body… He said 30 min…… What the heck…. Yes 30 min…. !!!! We lost a life of a very humble and polite person just because???

Whom to be blamed…. Govt for not increasing the number of ambulances based on the density of population…. Family to keep him in house for 30 min without rushing him immediately to the hospital….. Traffic for being so ignorant and careless about the civic sense….. Myself for not knowing about this incident early….. We just easily throw this on destiny….. He was destined to die at that moment…..

Rest In Peace my friend…. You went to a better place….!!!!!!

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