Objectivity in cricket commentary

Yesterday, after the second T20 game between England and Pakistan finished, people watching the broadcast saw the programme ‘Straight Drive’. It was bereft of any objectivity. The host Fakhr-e-Alam and Mohammad Akram were indulging in what can be termed, at best, as open love for Pakistan.

The fact that they were being beamed live all over the world was lost on them. Time and again, they kept referring to Pakistan as ‘We’. One can have love for his/her country but the lack of objectivity was jarring at times. They had driven Trott to a stage where he was left talking only about England. Good news is that there is only one more match in that series. Bad news is that every broadcaster has commentators who are parochial at best. Whatever be the yardstick; Healy, Slater and Taylor would come on top of that parochial list. Jimmy Neesham, today, was on a mission to point out every single fault with Channel 9 commentary. Look no further than this tweet of his

After hearing this lot of commentators for years now, I would like to suggest that they take classes from Ricky Ponting in commentary. While working for Sky Sports in the 2015 Ashes, he never referred to Australia as we or us. Not when they were doing well. Not when they were in dumps. He always referred to them as ‘They’ or ‘Australia’.

Apart from this, he concentrated on providing insights about the game at hand rather than indulging in banter with his colleagues in commentary box. May his tribe increase!

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