Testing Patches in Drupal Ladder


  1. Install Git

First in order to install git, you need to install Homebrew from the official homebrew website brew.sh.Now after doing this you can install git using the following command,

brew install git

2. Install Drupal 8 Sandbox for Drupal ladder

In order to install Drupal 8 sandbox for Drupal ladder you first need to run it on your localhost server.I ran the server using MAMP, once you do this, you will see the installation page, where you can install the project using the same process you used for installing Drupal.

Here is a screenshot of the installation process

Testing Patch

In order to test a patch, i opened the sample issue that was given on the ladder documentation page.

Next i downloaded the patch file in the second comment, and i added it to the directory drupal_8_sandbox_for_drupal_ladder. The help text then changed when i refreshed my localhost server.

Next i ran the following command to apply the patch i just downloaded.

git apply 1326088-rewrite-desription-for-url-alias.patch

Then i refreshed the localhost server i had been running and sure enough the help text was changed back in the URL aliases section.

Thus the patch had been tested successfully.Next in order to undo the changes i made i ran the command

git reset — hard

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