Save your H-R-T !

How much technology is sufficient for life ?

My friend asked me a question, when I was explaining about Fitbit and it’s sleep tracking feature.

How much technology we should take in ?

Such an important question, I was lucky enough to give an impromptu response. “Three things important in our life, Health, Relations and Time. To save these three we can use technology as much as we possibly can”.

Anybody can innovate !

I present a perspective, and few examples of lifestyles. This perspective can enable you to have a daily basis triumphs of innovations of yourselfs. You need not to be a CEO of tech giant, or an artist to lead innovations. The triumphs of your innovations can rejuvenate your spirits.

Goal : Save your H-R-T


Smart watches like Fitbit, Smart apps like Google Keep can make your day more planned then before.

Sleep tracking using Fitbit, Yes most of us don’t follow our sleep cycles. Fitbit can give you a great deal of making your sleep cycle durations with excellent charts and diagrams. Second benefit of tracking your step count can make more aware of your physical activity. Fitbit gives a remainder alert if you stick in front of computer longer than an (hour).

Do you know you can keep alert messages based on Geolocation? Google Keep can eminently useful feature that you can innovate your todo list more planned and no frustration to miss something.


How wonderful to wish a faraway friend on his/her birthday, even though they hide their birthday from Facebook. I am gald I created a Google Calendar specially made to note all of my friends’ birthdays. Every year I get a notification to wish my friend one day before. I am glad that I could wish my dearest friends without a miss.

Facebook gave lots of features, to maintain friend lists and groups. We can utilize them more often to publish our open or hidden status messages, without disturbing others.


Time is the most important commodity in life. We measure our life, every second. We pay for every second that we enjoy. Why can’t we innovate to save few seconds too.

I could save few seconds every day, I use smart phone feature to keep Rule based muting and unmuting phone volume. I made calender based volume schedule, such that my phone goes mutes-unmutes automatically without my intervention.

Few short innovation triumphs can inspire us to organize our H-R-T triangle much more efficiently. Investment on these products is absolutely invaluable. Interest towards Personal Performance can make you uplift your daily life towards better and organized person. Uniquely identify your surroundings, tools and gadgets that suite to your requirements. I welcome technology innovators who are making our lives more sophisticated every stage.