Raghu Daripalli : Latest Jewellery Trends in 2017

Raghu Daripalli is one of the best jewelers form Costa Mesa, California. He is a seasonal jewellery maker like what kind of jewelry set for you in summer and which jewelry suitable for you in winter. The choice is yours to keep new ideas of latest and trendy jewelry.
For the summer of 2017 Raghu Daripalli presents some new designs, hopefully you love those designs. The designs for summer are:

1: Beautiful Rose Gold Ring

Beautiful Rose Gold Rings

2: Thin layer finger ring

Thin Layer Ring

3: Ear cuffs

Ear Cuffs

4: Thin earrings

5: Arm cuffs

Arm Cuffs

Raghu Daripalli said Rose Gold rings are the main part of the attraction for this summer. Keep your beauty more attractive in this summer.

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