Technology doesn’t solve problems; intent does
Kiran Jonnalagadda

What do you want to convey when you say technology is a tool and not a solution? Of course technology it is not a solution. Even if you want to say that Aadhar is just a technology, I don’t see why that should automatically make it evil. You ask “Did Gmail and Google Maps make your website a rich web app”. No, it didn’t and I never expected it to. The intent of these technology milestones was never to improve my web site. Or did you want to drive home the point that in order to use Aadhar effectively, the govt should also work on getting its intent right? If yes, I agree, but then you are talking about step 2 or at best step 1b. Like all techies, I see a) leveraging technology to improve efficiency as a forward thinking move b) Focusing on a solution for Identity for a technology stack upfront, as a great idea. Unless you want to say that Aadhar is not the right technology, I find it hard to rally behind you here. And unfortunately for you, like all technology discussion, the only way you can push your point is by either highlighting huge catastrophes that Aadhar would bring with it OR proposing an alternate solution that is obviously better. Just saying that Aadhar could be misused is not compelling. I mean Banks could misuse our Bank accounts details, but that has not undermined the utility of Banks.

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