Military and Onsite

When you type ‘onsite’ using a t9 dictionary enabled nokia keypad, the first suggestion that comes up is ‘morgue’ and then you have to press * to change it to onsite. That was a joke, and you are free to laugh if you are not already. This essay is going to focus on some points that a military personnel and a middle-class onsite employee share with themselves.

1. The cold.

The major places of onsite goers from Tamilnadu are to USA, UK, Australia and Singapore.Except singapore, all places are having good, long, severe winters. When in the month of May or June you are sent from Chennai to Sydney, simply what happens in mindblowing.

Seen below is the graphs of weather of Chennai and Sydney. The graph of Chennai has a zero marking of 20 degree Celsius, whereas the maximum temperature in Sydney never went past 20 even once during these days.

2. The 24 hours support

Night at 2, you get a call and someone on the other end says, “The change was a flop. We need to fallback”. Very much the word ‘fallback’ is so beautiful as it is used in two places I know of. One is in Counter-Strike, the first-person shooter game played on LAN and the second one is when a change goes flop. The word fallback is so alarming that we pick our stuffs and run to our terminus where we started from.

And, after the fallback, if we try to get some sleep, they call again saying something somewhere got broken which needs to be fixed ASAP. This does also means one more thing, “Your sleep for the night is over, dear boy”

3. The Drinks

I have never heard of any place in the ‘onsite’ places where we have a full prohibition. The onsite people get the best rum, whiskey and other drinks we term as ‘Military’ easily. The only constraint is you must be above 18 years of age, which very much you will be.

4. The loneliness:

I have seen in many movies where the military person will be taking out a photo from his diary where a woman or a family will be smiling at him. he kisses it back and keeps it inside his diary back. Such scenarios will happen to onsite people. But, since they are already digitised, they will have the photo in their computer. Once in a while, they just open and see it.

5. Stubbornness

The mental strength grows after a year. And, as it goes on, the mental strength only grows more and more.

Today morning when I asked a guy “I am planning to write a comparative essay on military and onsite people. I will try to make it humorous. What are your thoughts about this?”

He replied, “Whatever you want, write it. But, dont project onsite people as people who have sacrificed something”

He has been around in Sydney for more than two years now.

Will expand this list when I get to know more. :-)

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