Physical Work and Gym Membership

I have hardly done any physical workouts during my school days. The greatest I did was to go to ration shops from home, walk to school and back home and play street cricket where most of the time I would just stand still. The game as the days went by became one-pitch-catch games and French cricket. There was no physical work anywhere in it. It was just played for time-pass and fun.

Then I joined college in another town, where I stayed in a hostel. Hostel and college classrooms are nearby. It wouldn’t even take as much effort as it takes to climb a three storey building to get to the college. I played no sport with much interest. The occasional cricket, where I was asked to field in catching positions. It was not because I was a great catcher of the ball. I got the place only because I won’t run much to save boundaries in the deep.

In the last year of college, I got a job in IT. The work was in Chennai. First three months I went to the office on a bicycle. That time I was in training. Daily 1 hour of cycling was going on. Once the training ended, the mode of transport was a bus. The MTC buses were so good. Then we moved to a place where the bus-stop was nearer than the distance between hostel and college.

This is when one guy in our room joined a Gym and developed a six-pack abs. It was fascinating to watch. There were 7 of us in the room and 5 of us followed him. At a point of time, all were going to the gym from our room. We only followed him in joining the gym. We paid the money for 6 months, got protein shakes and tried for 3 weeks. After that it was either we had no time to go or we didn’t want to go. We were not able to get the money back and so much protein powder was wasted.

Then, somehow when the war was going on in mind to go to the gym or no, I got an onsite opportunity. Onsite opportunity to a south-Indian middle-class family is ‘free inflow of money’. I packed bags and set out on the tour. It’s been a year here in Aussie land. Every time I go out I see at least two people running. Anytime, any day, any season. Even during winter nights and during summer noons. They just run.

In the initial days when I came here I used to go to the gym in the apartments, rarely. Then, I changed house and was not into Gymming for long, till one friend was seriously involved in going to the gym. So, joined the Gym this April. It has been three months since I have joined this new gym, but I went there only around 15 days. It is not totally my fault.

I think to hit the gym, we need some help: a personal trainer, a push from home, self-motivation, friends. Most of the people out there would have had the same problem. If only gym membership could cut weight, how good it would have been by now.

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