I grew up in a family that spoke English first and our mother tongue next — that’s just how life had become. I’m only now realising, with regret, the impact it has had on various aspects of my life.

  1. Arrange 174 peanuts in a modular grid on a flat pan, at an angle of 30 degrees each.
  2. Dry roast peanuts until they become the colour of milk chocolate with a hint of magenta (see Pantone 7593 CP) and release a ‘nutty aroma’, otherwise known as that-just-about-to-burn-smell.
  3. Keep aside to…

A Descriptive Essay

  1. Dunk 1 cup of sabudana / sago in water till their hearts burst into fluffy balls of sponginess. Drain.
  2. Collect:
    • 153 cumin seeds
    • 11 curry leaves, handpicked with 75% love and 25% perspiration
    • 27 roasted peanuts, crushed with a 5 kg dumbbell
    • Boiled potatoes, cut into 18 cubes…

Designing an Identity for The Doctor Foundation

Omar Figueroa Turcios

What you lookin’ at?

Signs of the times

The overwhelming, never ending White Rann of Kutch | 2014 | Ragini Siruguri

Ragini Siruguri

Visual Communication Designer / Think and wonder. Wander and think.

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