No Struggle No Success

Sounds like no pain then no gain.

It is true and both statements means the same.

The statement, we mostly hear when we are trying to reduce weight or get fit and healthy, as our motivational quote says “no pain, no gain”, which means if you will not feel the pain while working out at home or at the gym, that means you are not achieving what you want.

Many times it happens that the pain is so much that people starts feeling sympathetic for themselves and they start rationalizing things for them.

Like, It’s “Okay”, if i am obese or fat, i ain't a model,i don’t have to walk a ramp or do cat walk, or wear bikini.

Well, Somewhere the person “knows”, that It’s “NOT” Okay to be obese or fat, even if you are not a model you need to be fit or healthy.

The purpose of using the phrase “no pain, no gain”, is to explain the meaning of “no struggle, no success”.

Even if you don’t want to be a billionaire, but still you need to earn your living, and at least take care of your expenses.

So even to just take care of your expenses and save some for future, there will be some struggle that you will have to face, the struggle could be as simple as, changing buses and then walking to reach to your destination.

That is also a struggle to leave early morning to catch the 0700 am bus to reach office by 0900 am. Staying in the traffic for two hours.

Everything which makes you think, “I can’t do this anymore”, or “Maybe something is better other than this for me”.

Or any other such statements that makes you feel the “Struggle” you are doing for yourself or your loved ones or who so ever.

That means, “YES”, this is your struggle in life as simple as the bus example.

Struggle teaches us many things and in future it is because of this struggle that we become cautious about everything, could be saving more, spending only on the needed items, maintaining a book of your personal accounts.

All this we learn from the process of living with our decisions.

When people say, they know it because they are experienced more than you, that is because they have already faced the situation, during their time of struggle .

It is true that you are not a model, but you need to stay fit and healthy.

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