Solving the mess of parked bicycles

Parking your bicycle in a city or at a train station can be a real nightmare. The racks are full or broken, and in an attempt to bring at least some order to the mess; the local authorities remove any bicycle that isn’t parked in the designated areas.

So you search on, and on.

When you’ve finally found a place to park your bike after spending way to long looking for one, and you go about your business, you will have to try and remember where you parked it in this sea of metal frames if you ever want to get it back. That is, of course, if it doesn’t get stolen while you’re gone.

Good luck.

Bicycle parking near Amsterdam Central Station

As many cities around the world are now slowly starting to follow in the footsteps of countries like the Netherlands and Denmark, and try to promote cycling as a main means of transportation within the city; the amount of bicycles in the city will only grow, and this bicycle parking problem will only get bigger along with it.

So where will we park all of these bicycles? And how do we prevent parking spaces to turn into seas of metal frames? The answer is below your feet; we store them underground.

The solution

Enter the solution to all your urban bicycle parking problems: BikeVault - A concept for a fully automated underground bicycle parking facility.

A basic prototype of the BikeVault to illustrate the concept, made with 100% recycled material.

This concept would provide the option to park your bicycle in a place where thieves and vandals can’t reach: an underground vault. These underground vaults provides a secure parking solution for a large number of bicycles using as little space as needed, doing away with the clutter on the streets and making sure you always know where your bicycle is and allowing you to easily retrieve it.

You will never have to worry about where you parked your bike or whether or not it’s been stolen.

The bicycles would be stored in a shaft below ground.

How it works

The BikeVault would be fully automated with a robotic system reminiscent of a vending machine. You place your bicycle into the terminal above ground and the system automatically slides it in to take it down to an available spot for safe storage.

Use the terminal above ground to store or retrieve your bicycle.

When you’re ready to ride your bike again; simply use the app or swipe a card at the terminal and watch through the glass surface below your feet as the system goes down to retrieve your bike.

The Goal

The goal of the BikeVault concept is not only to provide user friendly and safe parking for bicycles, but also to encourage more people to use a bicycle instead of a car. It could also incorporate a bike rental system for both tourists or residents with a much higher capacity than regular rent-a-bike racks that are currently being used in cities; where you’re often presented with empty bike racks.

The BikeVaults could also incorporate a bike rental system with much higher capacity than regular rental racks.
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