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How often are we, business people, busy making money, modern residents of megacities and small towns, in need of various kinds of services. Starting from all sorts of repairs, and finishing with household chores: cleaning, cooking, buying food, raising children. And in need of a service, we face a problem: where to turn,
To get a quality, inexpensive service, moreover in the shortest time. And then the search starts on friends-acquaintances or on waves of the Internet. And even finding specialists in the provision of various services, we never know what pitfalls we may encounter when executing an order.
And to call to account the performer for a poor-quality service in the general legal illiteracy of the population and an impossible task at all.

Crystal Clear Services brings a revolutionary future and the latest technologies from the online industry to offline services for the population, which everyone uses on a regular basis and inevitably faces serious problems of lack of organization and non-transparency of the existing system of services. Having more than 12 years of experience and already based on the existing system of providing services to the public, we know how to change this market and dramatically increase the quality and volume of services using the latest technologies: Blockchain, Solidity.Etherium,IPFS.

For example, the market volume of cleaning services to the population in Russia is more than 1,000,000,000 $ per year, and in the US its over 17,000,000,000 $ and the growth potential of these services is more than 20% per year.

Core features of Crystal Clear Services.
• Decentralized service system
The absence of a central controlling link allows the system to be self-regulated and be truly
opened for all participants
• Transparency of all transactions and prices
Each executed service is recorded in a non-editable Blockchain that everyone can view
• Real reputation, reviews and recommendations
Since it will be impossible to delete or correct reviews, they will show the real state of affairs for
each performer
• Open history of transactions and work performed
Each participant will be able to see what works, when and for what cost it was performed, which
will increase the trust between the participants of the system
• Popularization of Blockchain Technologies and Crypto-Currency
The use of our platform will provide an opportunity for everyone to plunge into the wonderful
new world of a decentralized system of crypto-currencies
• System of bonuses and awards
For particularly meaningful actions within the platform (writing feedback, recommendations,
participation in court, affiliate programs), participants will additionally receive rewards in the
form of the Crystal Clear Token (CCT)
• Escrow system and price fixing
Thanks to the integrated system of Escrow, the payment risks from both sides will disappear,
and realization of the court of 5 random and objective participants will allow to solve even the
emerging complex disagreements
• The minimum fee of all existing systems
The only 1% system fee will attract more participants and promote the platform worldwide
• Application of the court of 5 random participants of the system
In case of controversial situations, the platform randomly selects 5 holders of system tokens and
requests them, passing the description of the situation from both sides. The decision of the
majority is considered objective and accepted by the system.
• Instant payment for services with an integrated exchange system
and the possibility to pay by cash
Payment for the services performed can be recorded both in the fiat currencies (dollars, euros,
rubles, etc.) and in the crypt (CCT, Bitcoin, Litecoin, ETH). Cash payments offline will be recorded
in the system by receiving confirmation of payment from both sides.
• Binding of plastic cards in the system for instant withdrawal of
By tying in any card, the performer will be able to instantly withdraw money received for services
from any ATM.
• Tips and gratuity
Internal instant share system will help easily give the master some tips for their work or to thanks
for the review or feedback
• The use of a decentralized IPFS (InetrPlanetary File System)
To minimize the load on the Blockchain system and accelerate the interactions, the main data
array will be hashed and stored in the IPFS system, and only the hash code needed to extract
them will be written to the Blockchain.
• Absence of middleman and the possibility of discussing services
with the final contractor before the order
The internal messaging system will allow you to instantly clarify any information from the
performer before placing an order, so that there is no misunderstanding during the acceptance
of services
• Integrated system of service auctions
Any participant in the system will be able to open an auction for the service he needs, and then
choose the performer by price or reviews
• Global Blacklist System
Blacklists will allow system participants to deal with unscrupulous customers and performers.
Information about them will be immediately available for all participants, warning about
possible fraud on their part.
• Geolocation and worldwide usability
The possibility of using the platform in all countries allows you to take advantage of the highest
quality and at the best prices on any local services markets.

Team Crystal Clear Services:

The founder of the project Crystal Clear Services — Alexander Veretennikov — a successful entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in organizing international start-up projects both on the Internet and in the real economy and bringing them to a high level of profitability. More than 4 years of experience working with crypto-currencies and investing in blockchain-technology.
Ivan Chirkov — more than 10 years of experience in web design and development of old-ap projects. The developer of Internet projects and mobile applications for large business areas in telecommunications, government agencies. 7 years experience with cloud technologies.

Andrey Perevozchikov — more than 20 years of development in the field of databases,
Participated in major government projects to create global accounting systems. More than 3 years engaged in blockchain-technology.

Ilya Znachko — more than 12 years of experience in website design, mobile applications and front-end development.

Rajip Umar — more than 7 years of experience in developing applications for all platforms, web design, cloud and Internet technologies, Based on the blockchain. In addition, a team experienced in the field of blockchain-technologies and development of start-up projects of advisers.

ICO — $ 5,000,000
The period of the ICO is one month: from 01.09.2017 12:00 UTC to 01.10.2017 12:00 UTC.
CCT Tokens will be sold with the following bonuses:
The first hour is 40%
The first day — 30%
First week — 25%
The second week — 20%
The third week — 15%
Fourth week 10%

The cost of one token is 0.01 ETH.
The initial release of CCT tokens is 10,000,000.
After the pre-ICO and the main stage of the ICO, the CCT tokens will be released into the free circulation of crypto-currencies on the exchanges, and the CCT tokens will be available on the market. Twelve months after the ICO,
On a monthly basis, the reverse repurchase of CCT tokens will be made at the expense of proceeds to maintain a stable rate of the CCT token.

Road map:








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