Dreamfall Chapters, Extreme Makeover Edition, or: The Rocky Road to Unity 5

  • To improve development speed, build processes, and game editor performance and stability;
  • to increase in-game performance — frame-rate, memory usage, stability;
  • to facilitate for forthcoming ports to new platforms, primarily PlayStation 4.
  • In addition, Unity had announced they were discontinuing development on the 4.x branch of their engine in order to focus on the 5.x branch.
Every day for large parts of the past few months…
Zoë Castillo in her home town, Europolis
Sonnenschein Plaza, in the centre of the Propast district of Europolis
Kian Alvane in the Sentinel Enclave
Likho, in the opening cinematic
Overlooking the Bricks, in Europolis
Looking up from the Bricks
Storytime, the place where all stories begin and end. Including this one.



Game-maker & storyteller. Creator of TSW, TLJ, Dreamfall, Dreamfall Chapters & Draugen. Founder/CEO of @RedThreadGames. Just getting started.

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