Ragupathi S
1 min readMar 22, 2018


Don’t just delete Facebook only for data leak

Five months ago I had a break up with the Facebook, it became one of the good things for me in recent times.

#DeleteFacebook What I missed after deleting my #Facebook acc:

I missed the...
1) Anxiety
2) Unnoticed & boring good morning and good night wall writings
3) Request to play Farmville game
4) Sleepless nights
5) Unwanted Ads
6) What others doing worthlessly
7) ‎Trolls, memes, useless shared messages...

What I didn't miss after #DeleteFacebook :

1) Our own time and its value
2) Spent a time with me
3) The actual fun around the real people
4) The actual friends
5) Started to read more than earlier
6) No one influencing my own thought process
and more importantly,
7) Experiencing the world more
8) ‎#Self….

Still, there are many ways to make use of Facebook, don’t make it use you!!!

Have a great and real social life ☺