How to become a writer in a programming way

Ragupathi S
4 min readMar 29, 2018

Do you think writing one line is hard?


Do you think writing one line for next 100 days is hard?

Maybe/Not easy/Hard/ Absolutely hard…. Then i have my experience to share with you.

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Let’s see how I completed my 100 days writing challenge:

Being a programmer & product manager it is not hard to write, but the problem in writing is should be easy to read to humans. People are platform dependent, so you have to think more about how you say and what you say.

In my recent times rarely I was spent my time in writing code, occasionally I used to write a code to fix the bugs and to write a pseudocode to explain the logic behind the browser screen.

Colleagues(Coders) are not just the experts who transforming my thoughts into reality, they are the one who transforming product owner’s beliefs and dreams to reality, so its necessary to add emotions to make them feel the product like to make them understand the actual user’s needs and their background to make the product close to the user.

So it’s not just the idea, belief, need, developers are enough to make the great product, great product demands storytelling to convey the dreams and belief to the team and also to convey the product to the actual user(hero) to get into the act.

It was nearly three months back I was decided to make myself interesting by writing short poems in each day. In the beginning, I never thought it will go to the 100 days nor it will end up in the 100 days.

Previously I had a blog of my own and I wrote 150 short poems in a time span of two years. But the fun part is I just seriously started to take the writing.

How I wrote 100 days in a row:
I’m not the reasonable person to take all the credits,
it’s the universe which gives me the enormous opportunity to think and write.

I had two hours of travel in daily routine, it gives me a more than enough time to think. Especially tidel park signal made me the reader and also writer as well. That’s one of the breakpoints which we need in our life to think back :)

The co-travellers, roadside shoppers, train, bus, cycle, cute babies (my crushes), night, moon, stars, sleepless city, the gods own village and the diverse people.

Sometimes I used to write more than one poem per day. At some hard days, I used to think my poem of the day at 11.55 PM.

Tip to write a lines to speak to heart:

See the world, listen to the people.

It may be easy to say in terms of content but easy to follow with its actual context.

We should calculate our age by what we had experienced instead of the numbers from Watch/Calendar. Just experience the world to write more.

Are you a programmer, here are the tips to make your writing in an interesting way:

A code is like a poem — Anonymous.

The code is nowhere different from poems. Its all about to make it feel something or do something.

Tip no 1: Find a pattern in your writing.
You can apply your engineering skills to your poems, play with the words, do the calculation with emotions.

There are some example scenarios: write a single poem to give a meaning in multiple perceptions like reading top to down, down to top, right to left, left to right or in any representable shape.

Tip no 2: UX in writing

As a product owner I’m keenly interested in User experience, to do that I should feel the user. That’s it. This is what writing want to be.

Have your own perception and also see it in others eye. To make your writings memorable, you should read their memories. Here is where UX playing a great role in writing. People may say it understanding the emotions but I would just say UX.

Tip no 3: Delete what you write
less is more, short is art if you think it’s only for writing then you may be wrong, these are the basic rules in UX too.

Write your thought, remove the words which are not the points.

Tip no 4: Have a peer review
Not only code is in the demand for reviews. More than code your words needs a review (peer review, team review). Publish your writing on the network who actually reads. One good reader can make a good writer by giving meaningful feedback. Expect and accept the criticism, in my opinion, it’s not that much easy to get critics who focus your improvement.

Tip no 5:Believe me you are a superstar !!!

Simply publish your works, surely you will get at least few followers.

Recursion in writing:
I used to write more because I got followers, I got followers because I write more. What an irony!!!

At the end of the 100 days, I have published 275 short poems, isn’t fun!!! Really Yes.

Time Duration: December 1, 2017 to March 10, 2018.

Here is the chart of user base growth:

If I speak in startup language then I achieved a so much of X growth in the view.

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Writing is love, writing in Tamizh is mother love :)

It was a great session in OrangeScape on writing which made me think how I started my 100 days challenge.

Thanks for the opportunity,

CEO, OrangeScape.