Is being sensitive is senseless ?

Ragupathi S
2 min readNov 14, 2016

Keen perception(fine sensitivity) is a gift but it’s you should always handle it with care.

Being a sensitive (keen perception) person is like keeping a sharp knife in your pocket, if you didn’t handle well then it will harm you badly. But it will be a great tool if you know when and how to use it.

Life becomes beautiful because of memorable tiny moments.

Life is like a beautiful rose, if you look into that rose you will see a collection of beautiful petals, each single petal is like a small incidents or moments which gave you feel to cherish forever. Sensitive people always keep their eye to make every moment to memorable (petals).

Legendary Indian movie director Balu Mahendra once elaborated well about hard phases and soft phases of being a fine sensitive person.

Keen perception(fine sensitivity) is the gift to any person and It is the very basic necessity for creators. It enhances their perception towards anything,
Because of this only, any creator can feel and can view many things which can’t feel and view by other normal person.

Fine Sensitive makes anyone from normal person to the creative person.
Because it fine tunes to think like that.

Your keen perception surely affects personal life of anybody, this is the globalized problem every creators and artists are facing in their life.

Advantages :

You has beautiful views
Your approach towards world will be an awesomatic one, in each and everything you will see a meaning or you will give a meaning. Creative people can see art even in a single dot. They will see an every small thing in a big one and every big thing in a small one.

You are so creative
Your understanding of tiny things surely amazes, you will think like an child and act like an adult.

If you surround with people who can understand your tiny things, then your keen perception is gifted to them also.


Over reacting You will start over reacting, It’s very difficult to realize, but if someone says it then you should accept it.

Misunderstanding People around you many times misunderstood yourself.

You will be a odd man out in crowd :
The things which you can see is only visible to you. the people who, having the same mentality only can understand your creativeness.Its easy to feel but difficult to make others to feel the same.

Being with keen perception, knowing how to use is takes you to high, but knowing when to use and don’t use helps you to always keep you in high.