How to Check a Cryptocurrency Wallet

It is necessary to pay attention to the availability of the resource. Like any other financial service, the resource must run smoothly and without problems.

The resource must have the latest developments in ensuring the safety of customer funds. It is necessary to have two-factor authentication (SMS authentication is no longer a safe way).

Having a normal support. In case of problems, you should have a communication channel with technical support, which answers at an adequate time.
 In case of using the phishing site by scammers, pay attention to the correctness of writing the domain, often replacing one similar letter or being replaced by a digit (i on 1, h by n). You must have an SSL certificate (the site address must start on https, not http).
 Avoid services where you need to specify a mailing address. In the case of our service, you do not need to specify a mailing address, so you can not receive letters from us in principle. If you see a letter from us in the mail box from us with any content, it’s scammers.
 For large amounts, for example, in bitcoins, it is better to use wallets, where there are few currencies or in general there is the possibility to store only bitcoins. Multicurrency adds risks of hacking the whole service because of the large number of raw, badly tested purses of new currencies.


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