Arduino IDE vs. PlatformIO

I am a hard core old-timer programmer. Thus, I am still using vi (or Neovim these days). I love command line, scripts, and Makefile. Yeah, old school.

When I started coding IoT, I am using Arduino IDE. Well, I started with Arduino boards. Now, I have other (mostly 8266-based) board. Then, I have been using PlatformIO (go get it from PlatformIO is blinding fast, but … unreliable when uploading sketch. Ugh.

For example, uploading a sketch to a board works fine with Arduino IDE, but sometime fails when using PlatformIO. This intermittent problems bug me. Lately, it is not intermittent anymore. It fails all the time. Ugh.

I’ve been search on the internet and could not find the answer. I guess I should post this on StackOverflow or Quora? Let me write it here first. Will do that later when I have the time. (Now back to coding / tinkering.)