Going to a Conference

There are some things I hate about going to a conference. First, I have to stay in the conference — usually in a hotel — whereas the rest of people can go to beach, places, coffee shops, etc. Yeah, I am stuck in a building! So what’s the point to go to Bali or travel places?

Second. I drink a lot of coffee and eat a lot of snacks. Plus, I am not doing any workout. You guess it, my weight is increasing! Ugh.

But there are good things going to conference. I can read those books waiting to be read while waiting in airport and such. I can also have good sleep without being bothered by work. Sssstttt … don’t tell this. This is our secret. (I could go out to beach and such, but I pick sleeping.)

So, considering this and that … it’s even. Let me enjoy this few hours at this hotel before going to the airport.

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