Indonesia Is a Coffee Heaven

I have just filled out a silly internet (well, facebook) survey application about coffee. Basically, it will tell you the perfect city based on your coffee preference. I got New York. Ha ha ha.

The thing that bugs me is that the people who made the survey maybe have never been to Indonesia. This is definitely a coffee heaven.

My coffee is black. No sugar.

Kopi Bali (Bali Coffee)

(Sometimes I have coffee latte though.)

Coffee Latte at a local cafe

Here in Indonesia, we have Toraja, Aceh Gayo, and many more. Toraja and Aceh Gayo are the most popular ones, but there are plenty others. Local beans from Jawa Barat is also popular. I also like Bali, Papua Wamena, to name a few. Well, it depends on your taste buds.

In my city, Bandung, you’ll find many coffee shops with their own styles. Yeah, we have Starbucks and Coffee Beans, but you can’t compare them with the local ones. Local ones win hands down.