How humans are drugs?

Drugs are fine, if they are formulated by humans.
Drugs are fantastic, if they constitute up a human.
Drugs are unalike, if your drug is a human.
Of course, Drugs are hooky and tempting in nature. And so does, some humans can be. Drugs are bad and unpropitious, only if they are available in the ingredients you are unaware of. What if I tell you, your drug is made up of the same ingredients as “you”? What If I tell you, the drugs are the human-clone-forms of you? Or more precisely, the drug is “you”, for someone surrounding “you”. What If I tell you, someone is exuberant because you are alive. You can be aid to anyone, if you want. Try to cover up the definition of the drugs; it may aid you this time. Surprisingly, if you locate your drug in off-beat conditions in an unexpected zone, then Hurrah! , you got your kick. These drugs are unalike just like me and you, if you think about yourself the same. We don’t require the drugs which the world highlights for you; we require those which highlight you in the space.
The pharmacy-consociated-drug-chains are just overrated narcotics offered or devoured just for a show-off or maybe getting high sometimes or like, healing you from the wounds rewarded by the world accompanied by 1/0th reasons just put up lame lists on the boards, quotidian. The list never terminates. And the drugs, we are monitoring through our second-sight are the drugs we need to engage in. These drugs will not be offered anyhow, you have to go on an adventure to find them. Don’t worry, you don’t have to expose your extra-sensory perception in the bunch of live-alive-crowded-sapiens, your brain will analyze and then generate you the signals, when you approach some of them. But hold on, these cases are rare. Just like you hide a packet of narcotics inside your bag, try to rope in the human-form when your search is over. As a matter of fact, let the search be a mystery till the end, this will aid you again. Believe me on this. As I conveyed, humans are drugs. If you are convinced, then definitely a question arises in our mind, “Do they make us sense pain in any form?” .Well, I will stick to this point. But if you still feel how humans act as a drug, be a drug for someone. Rather, I would prefer, get started to explore for your own. Because, Humans are drugs.
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