A Tour to Walled City of Lahore

At the end of the fellowship program we were asked to decide a place for tour of one day. After a lot of planing and discussions it has been decided to visit walled city of Lahore. It was the day of Saturday, we all were very excited as it was our first tour with Amal academy and also it was first tour to walled city of Lahore for many of us. It was a special tour for us as it was a guided tour and we all were asked to guide the specific places as we were asked to do research on that place before one day.

The tour session was really very enjoyable as it is a different kind of tour a guided tour and it was totally different from conventional tours. The most important thing which I have learnt from this session is that how to explore some interesting things from an ordinary place, how to do research on a place, and how to be a guide.

Tour guide is a person who tells you all the minor details of the things which we couldn’t think of. I always like to share something new to my friends as it creates a nice feelings. So being a guide was a nice experience for me as I have to guide my class fellows about the Wazir Khan Mosque. I have told them about all the minor details about the Mosque and they all listen to me very attentively so that was a nice part and I learnt how to be a guide a perfect guide. A good guide is that person who have complete research on every aspect of the place to whom he/she will be performing as a guide. I was good in that sense too.

Gohar is guiding about Shahi Qila

I have visit all the places before but I had never gone through such a guided tour. All those places were very interesting and they have a lot of history behind them so the most important things which I have learnt so far was to know about the details of these places by my friends and our tour guide. These places of walled city were a perfect example of architecture. Badshahi Mosque, Shahi Qila, Wazir Khan Mosque, Shahi Hammam these were the places where we had visited.

Sheesh Mahal
Badshahi Mosque

I think that such kind of ours are very necessary to create a balance between our social and workplace life. A person couldn’t continuously work all the days, he needs some kind of activities which refresh his mind. So such kind of tours are really necessary to create a work life balance. There should be 3 tours once a year. In that sense, we can create a healthy environment.

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