Reaching out of Friends

It was a great experience as I have never been through such an amazing experience in which I have to judge myself by asking my friends that what kind of personality I am and what are my strengths and weaknesses. I just send a text message to all my friends and ask them please tell me about my strengths and weaknesses by relating a story about that strength and weakness which they mention in replies of mine.

A few of my friends didn’t respond due to their busy routine while on the other hand my close friends gave very interesting feedbacks and many of the skills are new for me which they figured out. Some of them have very funny comments about me. But I enjoyed everyone’s feedback as they manage to send me feedbacks in their busy routine.

According to my friends my strengths are:

1. Helping and calm nature, who loves to help others.

2. Good Team Player

3. Multi-tasking personality

4. Confident about my words & what I do

5. Social Person

6. A good manager

7. Responsible person

8. A good communicator

9. Flexible personality with no ego

10. Habit of doing tasks by itself

Similarly they also mention some of my weaknesses which are:

1. Get emotional very easy

2. To work at the last stage of deadlines

3. Hesitation

4. Trust anyone very easily

5. To remain in comfortable zone most of the time

All of those feedbacks which my friends gave me are very helpful in defining my strengths and weaknesses and I think I have to work on my weaknesses I will try to overcome them but as you know no one is perfect in this world.

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