Why it’s better to be “interested” instead of “interesting”?

Being Interested:

Being interested means a person or people who like something and want to know more about it. Like you can say it’s an intrinsic feeling that someone have.

Examples: -There are thousands of students who are interested in to join the Amal Academy.

-Ali and Sara both are interested to go for a picnic.

-Adil interested in Sara.

Being Interesting:

Being interesting means how a person or people is responding to. Like you can say it’s an extrinsic feeling that people have for something, or how person is responding to you?

Examples: -Amal has an interesting history.

-I am interesting to read this detective novel.

-It’ll be interesting to see the results of 2nd PW on Multimedia.

According to my views some people have Interested skills and some people have interesting skills. But we should be interested instead of interesting because that person or people who have skills of being interested are energetic and take decisions quickly as compare to being interesting. Being interested is like a proactive skill.

People who have “being interested skills” don’t feel shy. To build relationships quickly as compare to those people who have “being interesting skills”.

People have “being interested skills” more confident than those people who have “being interesting skills”. That’s why we should try to develop in ourselves “being interested skills”.

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