Time Billing & Accounting Software for Attorneys

Time and expense tracking software is an essential requirement for any organization. Organizations consisting of a large number of employees must maintain weekly tracking time of all the employees accurately. Even freelancers and independent consultants need to keep track of their billable hours and project expenses in order to bill the clients accurately and timely. With increasing resources, time management becomes a tedious and error prone process and an ineffective time management process ultimately affect the cash flow and account receivables.

Traditional paper based time tracking process is inefficient and becomes more complicated for big organizations with larger employee strength. Currently, online time tracking software have emerged as a suitable replacement for paper based manual time t racking process. Using a time management software, employees can easily record their time without wasting much time. Although many time and attendance software are currently available in the market, not all of them are efficient or easy to use.

A good online time and expense tracking software can help users by providing the following actions:

1] Online timesheet submission:

Using an online timesheet app, users can submit timesheets on a weekly basis. Different software provides various options like, saving timesheets temporarily and later submission, copy previous timesheets. There might also be the option to enter bulk timesheets by importing external files. To fulfill a business requirement, users also can attach proofs to support their timesheet entries.

2] Online timesheet approval:

Project managers can instantly approve once employee time tracking are submitted for their approvals. Managers can get online notifications and Online Timesheet for their pending tasks. They can download and verify the attached timesheet proofs and approve a single or multiple timesheets together based on the functionality provided by the software.

3] Integration with online invoicing:

Some online time tracking software also offer online invoicing module which can automatically generate online invoices based on the timesheets and expenses approved in a particular period for a particular project. Other software that does not offer online invoicing mostly has provision to integrate with other online billing software or accounting software packages. Using the integration, users can export timesheet data from the time tracking software and perform client billing or accounting related tasks without any hassle.

4] Online reporting and analysis:

Timesheet data analysis and report generation are two aspects which are almost impossible to effectively perform using a paper based time tracking system. Various software offer various tools to slice and dice all data to analyze and investigate project costs and other areas of interest. Also, users can generate online reports of timesheet and expense data with required criteria by different apply filters.

A quick online time and expense Timesheet software enable users to perform all the above-mentioned activities with high precision and less time. Using the paper based time management system, think twice. Opt for an online time and expense tracking software and see the changes.

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