We are excited to announce that our new Web Application Firewall has been released and it is one of our most awaited releases this year. It will enable you to secure your website and with this integration, you will be able to perform the following from our control panel:

  • Enable and disable WAF
  • Get DDoS Config
  • Update DDoS Config
  • View WAF Policies
  • Update WAF Policies
  • View, Add, Update and Delete WAF Custom Rules
  • View your WAF Traffic & Events

It adds an extra layer of security to your websites. Here are some of the features associated with the Web Application Firewall.

Bot security

Bots are responsible for more than 97 percentage of attacks on web applications. Our renowned algorithms prevent even the most modern bots from attacking the login pages, web forms and susceptible resources, although the ip address of bots frequently change

Scraping Security

Professional scrapers target directories, publishers, and content libraries and they can pull out confidential information from your business. Our Web Application firewall automatically detects automated agents and human threats and forms a centralized intelligence base to protect your site and site assets.

Enterprise Control

Our Web Application Firewall will provide you complete control over the traffic entering your site. You can block, whitelist and challenge traffic based on a set of rules and parameters within the control panel such as behavior profiling, IP reputation, and OWASP risks.

As all of our services are carry out instantaneously WAF rules are also set right away so that you can focus on other tasks that grow your business

Total visibility

Get statement regarding WAF behavior, after effects, country, IP address, date and time. Event manager can easily view and control the traffic activity, statistics will show you the threat data regularly so that you can locate and examine the threats impacting your site.

For more information write to help@5centscdn.com and also visit our help center to check out how to set up WAF.