Total quality management is very useful in our daily lives to balance between Deen and Dunya!!!

Balance life between Deen and Dunya.
  1. Concept of Lean (elimination of waste)

I become very felicitous when I have detected that concept of LEAN tremendously works in my life. I found that, time is very precious in my life which I have been wasting by using mobile applications and unorganized stuff in my phone. I have found an application named (google keep) which is easily available at gogle play store. It really helped me to keep my stuff like plans, to do list, reminder etc well organized. I have been using this since last week and I have calculated that I have saved almost 2 hours by applying this strategy. I have successfully attempted the move and felt the sense of satisfaction. I have spent an hour with my kids to tell them about how you can eliminate waste from your lives and now they are also trying to save some time from their busy daily lives. I had also spent other hour for socializing and helping others to save some time from dunya and spend it to Deen Chores.

2. Using 5s to expedite the process.

I have started watching where I can apply 5s in my life and then I went to my wardrobe and saw all clothes, they were hanging perfectly but I realized that when I get ready for university it took me about 10 minutes to decide what to wear and what not to wear. Finally I have taken out all my clothes and hung them category wise according to my lifestyle and even hung that pair wise like pant and shirt and jeans and t-shirts. I have found that unintentionally I have made some extra space in there then I have put my socks and belts in sequence as well and still I have much space to put more stuff, I have realized that now I am fully utilize my wardrobe along with saving my time and improvement of the processes to get ready.

3. 80% problems in our lives just because of 20% small problem (Pareto)

Example chart to explain the model only

I have been feeling drowsy and lethargic for few months that was being curtailed my efficiency of any work including sudden wake-up in the morning. One day I have heard a model of (Pareto) from our teacher and curiously I have stuck after it and I have assessed and writing my whole day meal including morning tea with sugar. I deviated my whole day meal with different groups eventually one day I took a cup of tea without sugar and felt great all day and then I kept going the same for one week and found that taking sugar in the morning is totally detrimental for my physics and finally I have lost almost 5 kg and also I am doing my job far better than before. (NO ACTION NO RESULT).

4. PDCA or Continuous Improvement

Also called continuous improvement

It has been seen that life span of human being are being increased and now people are living long lives as compare to before. I love to put light on senior citizens. I had been taking care of a portfolio (Senior Citizen) under Agha Khan social welfare board for Pakistan for 2 years. Every person should live his life fully until the last day of his life. It has been observed that senior citizens are more dependent on their immediate families and they don’t have such activities from which they can get satisfaction. AKDN have more than 50 recreation hall for them area wise in Karachi where they spent 3–4 hours a day to entertain them by doing such activities regular checkups, reading newspaper, workout, playing carom, religious talk, special session for harmony among joint families etc. Now I have asked myself for how long they should do the same activities are they fade or do they really like it?


I have a plan to introduce online earning opportunity for them as I have hands on experience in online technical trading. I know it will need some money and time to train them but if they feel more proud and feel happy then I will surely go for it. I will probably start it by one area where I get the access of approx 20–25 seniors.


I will have to choose a leader who can back and forth check their performance on daily basis as well as the level of self efficacy and interest and involvement then I will get them a free Demo account where they can practice their trading activities and polish their trading skills. If they really like to spend 2–3 extra hours to learn something new and want to earn some extra money by their own hardworking


Then I will implement my plans into action by raising funds for their own personal laptops and internet connection and special sitting arrangements and trading capital. I will set and cap the winning and losing trades and volumes for everyday activity. We will work as a team and I will oversee all accounts from matrix chart. I have chosen a model where all members will work like a one family. It is not compulsory that all members will get positive trades some of them will see some losses initially but to motivate them we will share all the profit together.


I will have to check weekly and monthly progress of the members to check their performance and interest. Making money is not bad at all and specially retired people really like it. If single recreation unit successfully enter in the trading world and perform as they have trained then we will select more 5 units to implement the same but with more corrections actions.


Supplier means incoming messages.

It is not necessary that we apply the application in some fixed circumstances such as 3 rules I have applied in my life in such manners like we get hundreds of whatsapp and other messages which contain some knowledge but who know that it is correct or wrong knowledge? I have started taking notice on almost every message I receive from any online sources. We usually read some messages like it and pass it on as we like it and we think other will also like it. After learning 3 rules I have stopped passing messages which does not have authentication or proper references i.e meditation for personal search for spiritual enlightenment why I should find peace through western meditation style as in our precious religion Islam teaches us to wake up at mid night like 4:00am and do the Zikr of the names of Allah Pak and get peace. I usually recommend these practices to all my Muslim brothers and sisters and I am satisfied that I have applied these 3 rules in such ways. Don’t accept — -Don’t Make and Don’t Pass it on.

May Allah shower his blessings on all Muslims in the world and specially those who are facing unrest and wars in their countries like, Surya. Aameen!!!!!
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Written by Rahim Aziz student of MBA 3rd semester course Total Quality Management at Bahria University karachi Pakistan. dated: March 14th 2017