Credits to for being generous enough to provide this as a free course of the month and giving “gems” to do their hands-on lab for free too. This post is here to give an introduction to ansible from their Quickstart course.

Ansible Introduction

Ansible, what is it? An automation engine, that allows agentless system configuration and deployment. Ansible operates over SSH and runs ansible modules on remote systems in order to complete tasks. (Agentless: Can ssh to push changes to multiple remote hosts froma single source).

True power of ansible: Simplicity! Ansible is typically installed on a single, lightweight control or…

SCRUM: The Minimilastic Agile Management method

PART 1 of this Scrum Series includes

  1. SCRUM — What is it?
  2. SCRUM vs. TPM
  3. Benefits

SCRUM — What is it?

SCRUM! The most popular agile method in use today. It is Fast, Iterative, Flexible, and Adaptive (Mnemonic: FIFA.) It is alightweight & incremental framework for managing product development.

The Scrum framework is an effective framework, designed to deliver significant value quickly throughout the project. It ensures transparency in communication, and creates an environment of collective accountability and continuous progress.

It’s primary focus is deliver to the customer continuously, and keep the customer at the center of the framework. This is done by short sprints…

Kubernetes or K8s is a famous open source “container orchestration” platform. It is designed to automate Deploying, Scaling, and Operating Application Containers. First we need to understand one fundamental thing, why do we need container orchestrators?

We know singularity and docker, have taken off over the past few years, with more and more people at the enterprise level moving to containerization for different applications. The questions that arise are how do we manage all these containers running n a single host and across the entire enterprise infrastructure. Container orchestrators to the rescue! …

Recently, I have been installing a few software packages for a client, and since it has been a long ordeal with very specific *-devel dependencies, I decided to go the singularity route and do an installation from there. (It was on a shared HPC system and hence I went the Singularity route, since no client side user has sudo access on that system. Even I do not have enough sudo access to do yum installs so you get the idea!)

  • ***Spoiler alert: I was successful.

Of course there were a few odds and ends about singularity that came up and…

Everyone dealing with HealthCare in the United States by now is familiar or has at least heard of HIPAA that provides a set of minimum medical information security to maintain confidentiality.

HIPAA doesn’t have any certifications but needs is mandated to be met for Healthcare and Life Sciences data pertaining to individuals. However, HITRUST CSF provides a Compliance framework certification to help Healthcare organizations meet HIPAA rigorous requirements.

Here are some fun acronyms People in the HealthCare industry like to throw around that I think you may find nifty.

Similarly like HealthCare organizations Life Sciences companies need to comply with…

Containerization! A lightweight alternative to full machine virtualization that involves encapsulating an application in a container with its own operating environment.

Why do this? DEPENDENCIES.

How many times have you had a smooth sailing fully compatible install of a niche software or a package with completely different base distribution and glibc dependencies as to what you have on your system or a system provided to you? Well if you think you have been struggling worry no more, containers to the rescue!

Still can’t picture it? How’s this for a change:

So you see think of your base system as a…

Let’s start off by saying this article is for getting the basics on AWS networking straight. I have arranged the article as modules/blocks, so incase you feel like you already know something skip that module/block and feel free to skip through as per your comfort zone. Having said that let’s jump straight in.

Module 1: “CIDR Notations”

CIDR notations are how we describe IPv4 addresses, when we are looking at them in sequence.

Example of an IP address:

This is a 32-bit binary number, what this means? Well, it means it has 4 octets ranging from 0 to 255. So what i mean…

A summary of the AWS shared responsibility model for Data and Application Security

Having worked in HPC for quite a bit, I have been thinking, how do cloud providers (like AWS) handle security for so many of their clients having such a monstrous infrastructure. This led me to do a little more research into how things work at AWS and what their recommended security prescription is.

They currently employ a “half and half model” of shared security, where the responsibility, or rather onus, for security doesn't completely fall on them, but even on the client or end user for a…

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