Swole Appetit: A Guide to Weight Loss (Pt 2)

So last time we went over how to lose weight in a straight forward fashion (If you haven’t read the last article feel free to check that out before reading this). Pretty simple stuff to be honest; energy in vs. energy out. The harder part is understanding that not calories are equal; meaning what you put into your mouth (Ha that’s what she said amirite?) matters.

Yes, it is possible to lose weight eating McDonalds every single day. There’s actually a wonderful book on that. As long as your daily caloric intake is less than the energy you are expending, you will lose weight. However, the issue is that our body uses energy to process different foods in different ways.

Different foods go through different metabolic pathways. Some of these pathways are more “efficient” than others. The more efficient a metabolic pathway is, the more of the food energy is used for work and less is dissipated as heat. This thermic effect of food is a measure of how much different foods increase energy expenditure, due to the energy required to digest, absorb and metabolize the nutrients.

For example, the energy cost to metabolize fat, carbs and protein varies from one another; protein consuming the most energy. Using the golden rule of energy in vs. energy out, a diet with heavier protein content will require more energy to digest than a diet with lower protein content; which is what we want!

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard about how processed foods aren’t good for you, and if you haven’t, well I’m telling you now. Don’t eat that crap if you can help it. The occasional burger isn’t gonna turn you into Jabba the Hut (Not even a Star Wars fan but you get my point).

The abysmal truth of it is that processed foods are bad for us for many reasons; including high sugar and high fructose corn syrup content, artificial ingredients, high in refined carbohydrates, and a very low count in essential nutrients. All of which are terrible for the body which is why we should avoid it like that one creepy person who doesn’t seem to get why you never want to hang out.

So what does all this even mean? Well shit, here’s the best way for me to say this; stop eating shitty food and eat nutritious meals. There are a lot of scientific mumbo jumbo reasonings that I don’t want to bother you with but recommend looking into if you don’t wan to take advice from some random weirdo on the internet.

What you put into your mouth matters (still cracks me up) so do your best to make it count! There are still many other factors I want to discuss when it comes to weight loss but for now that’s all folks. As always, it’s been a pleasure being able to talk about one of my greatest passions and hope you enjoy reading along! Take care folks!

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