Rahma Mohamed
Sep 7, 2018 · 2 min read
  • This week has mainly been about changing and creating new wireframes both for the pipeline project and the neighbourhood call centre project.

For the pipeline project, we have been getting really useful feedback from users that I’m incorporating into wireframes.

For the neighbourhood call centre project, we are still testing with users and revisiting some early user feedback to make sure that we iron out any issues.

  • Multi-disciplinary working has many advantages, however one of the most challenging part is agreeing on a direction to take. It can be easy to go along with the strongest opinions. However, as service designers we really need to make sure that users “voices” gets heard through us, both in our work and words.
  • With the new team now getting more settled into our position. I organised (with the help of lead service designer Joanne Moore) a session for us to go over some of the things we’ve been experiencing both as a new team and in our work. It was really great for us to collaboratively start thinking about what we need, what we lack and identify areas to improve. The insight was shared with the team and I’m looking forward to the outcome. (Thank you again for your help Joanne Moore).
  • I spent some time shadowing Liz in a meeting about data with one of the agencies we work with. It was really great to hear about the data team’s capabilities and how we can work with them on projects.

I especially enjoyed a separate conversation with Liz about data visualisation and tools. I’m really interested in presenting data in a really understandable and fun way, and because I’m a bit of a geek.. I‘ve scheduled some time on Monday to get set up and learn about how to use our data visualisation tool (Qlik Sense).

  • The conference explored how technology is shaping public services. It was really great listening to Nicola Graham (Aberdeenshire Council), Theo Blackwell (Mayor of London’s office) and David Dilley (GDS) discuss all the work that is being done to address challenges that come with digital transformation in the public sector.

How technology can be used to support and empower citizens?

“Design with them in the room”.

“Digital shouldn’t sit at just my door, it should sit at everyone’s door”.

“Digital is everyone’s job, rather than a digital strategy we need digital intertwined into council plans”.

Rahma Mohamed

Written by

Service Designer | Hackney. (Views are my own)

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