The end of sprint 1 of the Neighbourhood Call Centre (NCC) project

· This week I have been designing a way for the NCC agents to log call types and reasons on the CRM. We have been looking at GDS patterns and they recommend that we use stacked radio buttons rather than dropdowns to display more than two options. However, radio buttons seem to work better for a public — facing interface with less options to select from, but dropdowns allows us to include a wide range of call types and reasons without cluttering the screen. I believe there is a need to create patterns library for internal services, and I look forward to finding out how we can do that in Hackney.

· When testing the log call types and reasons screen with agents we discovered that they had to update the data they currently capture. It’s very exciting to learn that not only is user testing enabling us to create a user-friendly interface, but that it’s also helping the NCC team capture more relevant and accurate data.


· The benefit of bringing experts from different fields together is that we can look at problems from different perspectives and use different approaches to solve them. However, it’s been a bit of a challenge moving forward with designs when I’m often interrupted with suggestions or new ideas. Luckily most of our tools allow us to continue to work collaboratively. For example, we already use Jira to measure the progress of design and development, and I have suggested that the team use the comment section to review and discuss our designs.

· As a team, we are still deciding which prototyping tools to use. To start, I created wireframes on Sketch, which I made clickable in Invision. However, our delivery manager suggested making the prototype more interactive for the show and tell, which isn’t possible in Invision. This meant that I had to find a plug in to use sketch files in Axure. Changing the prototypes to make them more interactive has set us back slightly, but I’m looking forward to demonstrating the interface to the NCC agents.

Service design library

· This week I was also thinking about our learning and development. I usually try to share articles and events through G+, but it gets lost and forgotten under new updates. Instead I decided to create an online library on Google drive where we share events information and reading materials. Looking ahead, I’m going to work on gathering enough information to create different learning paths and levels.


· Anyone with a Hackney email address can access the link to the folder, but I’m hoping to speak to the Google team about making the link more visible to the HackIT G+ community.

Service design to improve road safety

· Last month the ICT team worked alongside a colleague from business and communications to facilitate a Hackathon. This week an attendee and a colleague from the road safety team who found the event very inspiring contacted us. She was keen to find out how her team could use collaborative design methods to solve problems around road safety. It’s great to know that colleagues outside of ICT are seeing the benefits of service design and I look forward to finding out how we can better support her.

This weekend…

I watched the Standford Prison experiment. Although I’ve previously read about Philip Zimbardo’s prison experiment, it’s a great reminder and a lesson on empathy.