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There are some risks in doing business online, because the number of customers and service providers are cheating, and often misunderstand about the conditions of the contract. This often leads to court, resulting in financial losses for both parties.

Opporty offers a totally unchanged blockchain-powered contract, meaning that both parties can not sue anything that is not agreed on in a smart contract. Escrow arbitrators and prophecies oversee the fair exercise of signed agreements. This platform ensures transparency and security, creating a cooperative environment that instills trust between parties.

How Does Opporty Work?

> Publish Your Request
 > Describe what you need to reach the service providers and product suppliers
> Get Quote
 > Accept the offer and choose the one that suits you and your business

> Contact Supplier
 > Leave a note, agree to the terms. and wait while our contract seals the deal

Competitive advantage
* Low start-up costs for getting leads and conversions
* Top-notch exposure opportunities for targeted audiences
* Build a reward system to obtain tokens by completing multiple actions
* Escrow Protection for campanies and service providers
* Escrow selected expert council
* The etereum-powered blockchain enables digital democracy and smart contracting
* Support cryptocurrency


My Conclusion about Opporty
Opporty is a good project, which interfaces online businesses not to do things outside the agreement, this project is a brilliant project, so in my opinion this project will be successful in the future to support online businessmen with the strength of blockchain, this project is also very competitive it is clear that this project has a great community and team.

For more information, please visit the link below:
Website: https://opporty.com
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