Don’t be an entrepreneur
Yann Girard

One of the things we love to be an entrepreneur is the freedom. That’s a goal we set for ourselves, because we don’t want to offer our service for someone who doesn’t deserve it! Now, if there’s no freedom in being an entrepreneur, which I think you’re right, and there’s lots of responsibility in what we’re held accountable for, which is true, there must be a way in between.

I believe one can work as a freelance marketing or sales person on the web or real world, and sell the products or services of someone else. You’ll be free. You’ll make less money than an entrepreneur, but you’ll spend less time. There’s no boss to work for. You’re held accountable for the little niche you define for yourself. It’s much better than being employed and much better than employing several people.

You may want to employ a few to do part of the job for you too. Therefore, there are several grey zones between the two zones of black and white of being an absolute employer or employee.

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