Integrating Firestore Database — Ionic Part 5

Sameeha Rahman
Jul 22 · 5 min read

Step 1 — The C in CRUD to Firestore

constructor(..public firestore: AngularFirestore) {}
this.afAuth.authState.subscribe(user => {
if (user) {
this.userId = user.uid
this.fireStoreTaskList = this.firestore.doc<any>('users/' + this.userId).collection('tasks').valueChanges();
this.fireStoreList = this.firestore.doc<any>('users/' + this.userId).collection('tasks');
let id = this.firestore.createId();
id: id,
taskName: task

Step 2 — The R in CRUD in the App

<ion-item *ngFor="let todo of fireStoreTaskList | async">
Create and Read tasks
Newly created task

Step 3 — The U in CRUD to Firestore

<button ion-button clear (click)="updateTask(">
this.fireStoreList.doc(index).update({ taskName: data.editTask });
Update task name
Updated task name

Step 4 — The D in CRUD to Firestore

<button ion-button clear (click)=”deleteTask(”>
Delete task
Task deleted in Firestore
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