one way to be rich

sounds like dream but it’s not

.what i will reveal here has not written yet in any books so far

there is secrets for wealth that you can not imagine or even believe it

.the rich people only they use it (because they were born with this talent) gifted

(and that’s what make them different than other people (Charisma)

and as much as they think in different ways than others .. as much as will indicate to the levels of their talents

the only way to get rich like them they call it in some cultures

( magic by motion)- ( the interaction of positive energies)

which means

how to get maximum benefits from surrounding elements ( persons . tools . nature) energies and use that elements energies to create a positive interaction that eventually serve the goal

to explain that in better way see the following example

They were saying if you want to cut the relation with someone and you don’t know what is the best way to not hurt his feeling just give him a gift (pocket knife) as an example

.try that and you will see by yourself the result after while

!but be aware of taking something from him while doing that ! and the timing also

.this only as an example i hope to not to use it

the previous example go under what i call it

energies symbolism for some physical objects

which mean the relation

(between the knife and the only purpose of its existence in our daily life (the cutting)

(negative energies)

the symbol of relation = gift

symbol of knife = cutting

!!! (in other phrase) ( i am cutting the relation with you)

similar interaction of the previous example in positive way ( can be very effective to business development. public relations. sales . and all life aspects)

(same in physics same in magic by motion)) (Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction))

when you make positive action and create the interaction between that action and physical world the reaction automatically will … come

(rapid response)

!? maybe now you wonder if it’s true or not

rich are the most difficult people in terms of changing their habits (looking at the Internet, for examples) as one of the advantages of their talent. to make them concentrate more in work and therefore they get success faster than others beside its ( defending mechanism)against losing such talent

rich people by using their own talent they know how to hire the best qualified staff who will serve them with all loyalty for doubling their fortune

rich people they think positive and feel positive and have all positive energies around them at work and homes to

rich people motivated by their( sense and talent and habits they practice such that (magic by motion) (positive interaction)unintentionally

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