Cyclone Amphan: Seen with Google Earth Engine

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Hello everyone! I created an app to visualize the impact of cyclone Amphan in Bangladesh and India with Google Earth Engine. This app takes all the Sentinel-1 images starting from 2017 and gives you a nice side-by-side presentation of the flooded areas in the region.

Cyclone Amphan hit India and Bangladesh on May 20 this year destroying croplands and infrastructures of thousands of hectares of area. The total loss is about US$13 billion or more. The cyclone brought water surge and flood with it which submerged numerous villages of Bangladesh. I used Google Earth Engine to map this vast area not only to see the present status but also to compare all available Sentinel-1 images of the last three years.

Here‘s how it looks like.

I created an app last year which I took to modify and create this one. This app dynamically takes the current date, searches all images since the starting point, creates the flood map based on those images and finally assign a random color to the map layer. I have used splitPanel which takes two map layers to set side-by-side for easy swipe and compare.

Here is the source code.

A lot can be done to this code which I leave to you. I hope this helps.

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