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Rahool Benji
Sep 12 · 2 min read

Hero release: Capability to add your own questions

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Curated question bank

Ask better questions without leaving the interview session

  • gives practical questions in the question library that can be asked during an interview.
  • Organizations having their own question bank, which is aligned with their hiring process, can upload their own question as well from the profile
  • The good part is all of this comes together under a single tab in the browser as shown in the image below:
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Question bank in the same scratch pad under “Your Questions” button
  • This feature makes a place to give everything in one tab, without having to download anything.

Imagine taking an interview where you can collaborate with the candidate live, start a video call by just clicking a button, copy a question and ask the candidate either from the library of practical questions or from the questions uploaded by you without leaving the session and searching for it. This all happens under a single tab in the browser without any downloads or screen shares

Keep your questions confidential and secure with our data security policy

At, we make sure your site and data are safe with us. There are a number of steps we take to ensure you are the only person who can access your data and that your privacy is respected.

Data collected through is exclusively reserved for use by our users who have entered that data.

At we use Database replication and efficient backup strategy to keep your data safe in the case of system failure.

Full database backups are taken every day, stored on Amazon Cloud Storage (AWS S3).

Upcoming hero releases

  • Home assignments with test cases (this will be an improvement on the already existing feature of home assignments)
  • Collaborative whiteboarding for interviews
  • Auto-complete and linting support for major languages in the editor

Stay Tuned!

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