I haven’t written on Medium in a really long time. Almost a year long. Long enough that I don’t yet feel I deserve to brand myself as a Writer on my bio or my website, or even bring up to other people that I write on Medium or I write articles or blog or do any of this.

But that’s not why I want to do this — so that I don’t feel as fake or that I’m not living up to the bar I set for myself. That’s not why I want to start writing again. It’s because I’ve really missed it. The feeling of connectedness with other people who read my work. Putting myself out there in public and not fearing, or not worrying, about the reception. Just having a space where I can say what’s on my mind with the excitement that it’s possibly hundreds or thousands of people can read my work, but with the humble, appreciative, realization that it’s extremely unlikely this is going to be the piece that makes it big. It’s getting back into that rhythm, that flow, I once talked about and it’s finally starting to diversify myself away from simply software development into another promising venture that makes me excited and energetic. …


Rahul Rangnekar

Software Developer && Writer, UC Berkeley Computer Science & Economics graduate

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