Damn, Nintendo are at it again.

It’s like if they started by trying to build a clone of Google Cardboard where the Switch takes the place of the phone, but then instead of making a VR headset they just made literally anything that isn’t a headset.

  • So, a fishing rod? Yes.
  • A motorbike? OK!
  • What about… a piano? Sure!
  • OK, but surely a remote control toy robot car isn’t an option. Why not?

One of my favourite stories about the Wii goes like this: Nintendo observed that their traditional game consoles were often hooked up to TVs in the living room by a child. The household was managed by a parent, who didn’t take kindly to the sudden disarray produced by an electronic system and various tangled cables in an otherwise neat and tidy living room, so they would stick the game console somewhere it didn’t stand out (like beneath the TV) and stash the game controllers and their associated cables in a drawer or something, out of sight. …



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