The mystery of work-life balance
Julie Zhuo

Julie. I want to say a simple but heart-felt ‘Thank you’. I can relate to a lot of the what you’ve described in your post.

Working as a software developer for the past 12 years, with an inclination towards solving not just technology problems but more importantly people and process-related problems, I’ve struggled to figure out my career path. I got trapped in the rat race, trying to simply get to the next level in the corporate ladder. After much struggle and reaching a certain position, I unconsciously got into a sort of ‘rest/sleep’ mode, which is not the same as complacence; more like a feeling of being lost.

Work didn’t seem all that invigorating as it did when I joined the workforce. Got married but the honeymoon period lasted about 6 months. Life became a struggle — lost sleep, then came health issues. It felt like I was getting sucked into an invisible quicksand.

Couple months ago, my wife and I learnt that we have a baby on the way. That was a wake up call to figure out a way to get out of the ‘rest/sleep’ mode. Your post comes at a time when I need this help the most.

During the past few weeks I had been contemplating the way forward, trying to develop my plan of action. It’s interesting that some of those thoughts of realization and ideas for action match the ones you’ve shared in your post. At least I know that I’m not the only one to feel this way. And like others, I too can get out of this trap-phase.

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