As the ill-informed or deliberately ignorant anti-CAA protests run the entire spectrum from ludicrous to anti-social to Hinduphobic to seditious, I wonder how much longer this farce will continue.

Initially, I was concerned by the attacks on police, and the overt Hinduphobia. Gradually, reluctantly, even sadly, I came to accept…

27 November

Source: The Economic Times

Up until 24 October 2019, I revelled in the reputation of my homestate Maharashtra as a developed, progressive state (compared to the other states in India), one that has produced brilliant thinkers, heroic soldiers, revered statesmen, iconic sportsmen and business leaders. Sure, it faces as many hurdles as…

16 October 2019

Source: Live Mint. Credits: Saumya Khandelwal / HT

Professor Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee won an international prize. The Nobel prize for Economics. Not that it matters that there is no Nobel prize for Economics. It is administered by the same foundation, so close enough.

What does matter is the politics of the prize. Nominators — governments…

Yesterday, I had gone to sleep feeling that God is in His abode and everything is right with the world. …

Rahul Bhargav

Business Development Professional | Media Consultant | Publisher | Author | Budding Indologist

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