Well, That’s not a neat way to say it.
But, If you don’t have a personal website yet, then you must create one.

I ‘m Rahul Bhosale, a multidisciplinary designer from India.

I have been thinking and trying to write from a very looooooong time, But it’s so damn hard. I have 17 blogs in my medium drafts, not kidding. Which I haven’t posted yet.

The words are floating into my draft about my crazy solo travel, my experience jumping into the ocean from the mountain peak of Capri, my daily Sketchbook, Cinematography, Orange and teal colour thingy, a collection of pet projects, rejects, doodles, tutorials, motion design hacks, and lots and lots of ideas. Which I want to share with you guys.

Rahul Bhosale

Interaction Designer // Available for hire // ex @housing ex @indiez // Nomad Traveller // Designer of daily things // Twitting as @rahul_design

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