I ‘m Rahul Bhosale, a multidisciplinary designer from India.

I have been thinking and trying to write from a very looooooong time, But it’s so damn hard. I have 17 blogs in my medium drafts, not kidding. Which I haven’t posted yet.

The words are floating into my draft about my crazy solo travel, my experience jumping into the ocean from the mountain peak of Capri, my daily Sketchbook, Cinematography, Orange and teal colour thingy, a collection of pet projects, rejects, doodles, tutorials, motion design hacks, and lots and lots of ideas. Which I want to share with you guys.

Here I’m, debuting with one.

My love for design has always been there. With a background in fine arts and a strong interest in digital technology, I have a constant hunger for learning new things from UI to Typography, Illustration to Photography.

Sharing few words which might help you out. Especially the beginners.

On my journey to get better at where I’m, I have learned that why design needs to be Good. It should not be great or best.
By saying that: What I mean is, it should not be complex.

I believe good design can make the positive impact on people’s daily lives. It can solve most problems. Good design can unite people without any language or cultural barrier. Good design can make your life more fun and easier.


I truly believe it and mean it.
It can solve most problems.

So, what’s good design?

A design solution which doesn’t need to be explained, anyone without having a smart mind should understand it.
Nobody needs the guide on how to use:
a pencil sharpener or a light switch or a mop.

It should solve the problem with least effort.

☕️ Someone has solved the problem of holding cups
🕹 Someone has solved the problem of light switch
☎️ Someone has solved the problem of communication
🏂 Someone has solved the problem of a daily commute

👨‍🚀 Let’s become one of that someone.

You must be thinking,
How to make a good design? How should I get there?

For beginners: There is a thin line between a good and a bad design. You will get there slowly by doing tons of work. Keep the constant hunger to learn and observe things carefully. Designing should be a sport, you get better and better by doing lots of practice. Everybody goes through that. It will take some time. Its normal to take some time. Its just a matter of time. But I’m sure you will get there one day.

Make good designs, not some fancy work that doesn't actually works.

My work process is based on the combination of old school and contemporary mindset, a principle which I use to create conceptual and creative solutions through my artwork. A careful desire to solve everyday things. 🧠
I’m just getting there.

for stopping by. Hope you like this kind of stuff.
Do you think it can save the world? Lemme know your thoughts.

I would love to see your workspace, your culture & tasty food.
Let’s make 2018 a good year so far.

I’m posting more soon, those 17 drafts are waiting to be released.

You can check my work on Dribbble | Behance
You can use free photos from my Unsplash
& I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts on Twitter

Let’s meet I’m currently in Mumbai. 🍻

Interaction Designer // Available for hire // ex @housing ex @indiez // Nomad Traveller // Designer of daily things // Twitting as @rahul_design

Interaction Designer // Available for hire // ex @housing ex @indiez // Nomad Traveller // Designer of daily things // Twitting as @rahul_design